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Farm-to-table on Rainbow Street

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ARAK, trending tradition

ARAK or “I see you” in Arabic as in ‘I see your culture,’ ‘I see the art,’ ‘I see your uniqueness.’ The name captures the essence of ARAK, a fresh edgy menswear brand that spotlights a culture slowly slipping away, a tribute to age old customs.

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Ikebana, ephemeral beauty

Sunflowers blossoming inside a glass vessel, stems of ethereal arums curved into a delicate sculpture, and bamboo strained in a play of balance, Jessica shares with us her passion for the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, with her Atelier Ikebana.

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Shaping bits of joy

The joy of living in our own home, simple experiences like sipping your coffee in the morning, enjoying your meal in beautiful tableware, looking at a sweet object in your room, Rita Kettaneh tells us her ceramics Kray Studio is about that feeling of calm when the day starts, the coziness of little joys.

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A desert dream

Among the dunes and magical colors of the desert, we found a gem; a glam' camp where we stayed for a dreamy weekend. Come along on this journey to a land of wonders, in Wadi Rum, Jordan.  

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